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Lake Mills

Filing Opens for Elected City Officials in Lake Mills

Filing Opens for Elected City Officials in Lake Mills

School elections are coming up on September 8th and absentee ballots are available at county auditor offices where the voter resides. However, some cities are holding elections for city official positions on November 3rd. Filings for those positions are now open in some cities such as Lake Mills. KIOW’s Renee Ingeldue has the complete look at how to

Schoolchildren walking

Caution: School Children on the Roadways

Northern Iowa schools are back in session and the state’s streets and sidewalks are filled with schoolchildren in the mornings and afternoons. Rose White, at Triple-A-Iowa, is cautioning drivers statewide to stay watchful for children on foot as they might suddenly dart into the road. During 2013, a national study found more than 330 child pedestrians

Hancock Courthouse

Hancock County Supervisors complete drainage project near Miller

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday with a brief agenda.  Supervisor Florence “Sis” Greiman says the board only made a motion on the completion hearing of Drainage District #7 lateral 28 and BR 60 BBR 179. In other business: the Hancock County Board of Supervisors did verbally approve a payroll