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Hancock County Secondary Road workers receive 3 percent increase

Secondary Road workers in Hancock County will receive a 3 percent increase in pay beginning July 1, 2015.  The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday with a busy agenda, which included the ratification of collective bargaining agreement with PPME Local Union no. 2003.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells what’s in the agreement.

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Warning About Bird Flu for Backyard Chickens, Pet Birds

Federal officials say it’s critical for any Iowans with backyard chickens to take every precaution to protect their flocks from the latest outbreak of avian influenza. Catherine Woteki  an undersecretary at the U-S-D-A, says Iowa’s already seen three large commercial operations severely impacted by H-5-N-2 in the past two weeks and the virus is clearly


Tips for Northern Iowa College Grads as They Launch Job Searches

Many local north Iowans are about to graduate from college and they’ll be flooding the internet with their resumes over the next few weeks as they begin job hunts. Susan McBroom, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, says before you type the first letter on your resume, check Instagram and all other online accounts to make sure there’s