NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: Monarch Butterfly Numbers Dwindling Necessitating Local Tagging

 While the dwindling monarch butterfly population is showing signs of bouncing back, it still is in need of help in Iowa.The monarch caterpillar’s favorite food is milkweed, which once grew in abundance in Iowa and other Midwestern states, sometimes hurting corn crop yields. Herbicides perhaps worked too well. and now milkweed is in short supply. […]

Hancock Courthouse

Hancock County Supervisors Talk Equipment and Drainage

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday with a lengthy agenda beginning with fiscal year 2017 equipment purchases.  Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells what the county is planning to purchase for Secondary Roads. Other business included discussion of Drainage District #6 and Lateral 4, which involved annexing Tim Tusha into the […]


NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: Increasing Osprey Population Through Introduction at Clear Lake

The osprey, a fish-eating bird of prey, was once common in Iowa, but populations dwindled with the arrival of European settlers. Close to a half-dozen 40-day-old osprey chicks were introduced at sites in Clear Lake and Swan Lake last week.  They were collected from nests in northern Minnesota where the population is much more established. Pat Schlarbaum, a […]

Drainage District

New Clean Water Rule to Cost Local Farmers?

The Iowa Environmental Protection Commission has unanimously approved changes to the state’s clean water standards. Before this decision, the Department of Natural Resources made sure any projects seeking permits to increase pollution to a waterway would have considered less-polluting alternatives. Susan Heathcote, Water Program director for the Iowa Environmental Council, says now, those alternatives can […]