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Belmond Coats for Kids Program in Progress

A program in Belmond and Clarion is getting kids ready for winter. The program is an annual drive and distribution program. The hope is to make sure all children in the area have coats for winter even if they are gently used to begin with. KIOW’s Linda Theile filed this report.:

Protesters Rally Against Militarized Drones

The 132nd Fighter Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard on Wednesday, came under an attack, of sorts, with a rally from protesters opposed to the use of militarized drones. The mission of the fighter wing had always been manned aircraft, but those F-16 jets were a victim of budget cuts and the mission of the airmen


A Coin Collectors Show in Clarion

It is an annual event that takes place thanks to the 50 year old Clarion Coin Club. The event draws a number of people throughout all of northern Iowa and gives people a chance to see the value of not only their coins, but other items of value. KIOW’s Roger Tweeten filed this report.:

Child Care 2

Bullying is Not Just a Playground Thing

With the recent successful meetings in Lake Mills to discuss how to handle bullying, parents there and elsewhere should remember that bullying is no longer a behavior that happens mostly on the playground or the school bus. Social media is providing online channels for negative interactions between children, with more than half of teens reporting

Steam Threshing

Steam Threshing Festival Opens Today

Heritage Park of North Iowa opens its 31st Annual Steam Threshing Festival today. Wyndham Sellers is the co-chairman of Heritage Park of North Iowa and says the Consignment sale kicks off the festivities during the free gate on Friday: Sellers says the weekends activities will feature both new events and old favorites.: Sellers says people