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ELECTION 2014: Representative King Talks Farming and Immigration

ELECTION 2014: Representative King Talks Farming and Immigration

Farmers in the area have discovered that there are places on their farmland that still remain as oversized ponds from earlier spring rains. While most farmers have insurance to cover damaged crop land, there were those who need additional funding resources to overcome the problems generated by these natural disasters. Along with this is a

Waldorf 2

Waldorf College is Haunted

It is an annual tradition for Forest City and surrounding areas to participate in and it is the Waldorf Haunted House. Every year the program is designed to raise canned goods of food for local food banks. Dr. Robert AuFrance is the instigator of this bone chilling event: Gluttons for punishment can enjoy going through

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Dam Mud Halts Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors has doubled its bounty on beavers after having troubles with the animals building dams in their drainage districts. Farmers there have already removed a dam built into one drainage ditch and are hoping to catch the beaver before he builds another one. Winnebago County Conservation Board Chairman Robert Schwartz

Hancock Courthouse

Hancock County Supervisors Look at Improving Communications System

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday to consider a memorandum of understanding for regional consortium and discuss ways to improve the communications system not just in the county but in other surrounding counties.  Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach explains. Tlach says it’s not affecting the 911 Emergency Call system, but

Breast Cancer 1

Breast Cancer Awareness Hitting the Area

It is all around residents here in Forest City and surrounding communities, the push to make greater awareness of breast cancer. Stores have pink ribbons, local high school and college teams are wearing pink. Even professional sports teams are getting into the act with the NFL using pink penalty flags and requiring the color to be