Birth Certificates Missing Information for Those 8 to 24 Years Old

Iowans who have a child, born between 1993 and 2009, are being encouraged to replace their wallet-sized birth certificate issued to newborns in the state during that time period. Melissa Bird, with the Iowa Department of Public Health, says the smaller cards are missing vital information that make them useless for various identification purposes. Parents […]

Winnebago County Youth Summit to Provide Interesting Answers to Teen Issues

The Winnebago County Task Force wants to inform the area residents, schools, and businesses about serious issues facing north Iowa youth today. They are currently conducting a County Needs Assessment concerning community health with a focus on substance abuse. Libby Myer with the Winnebago County Task Force explains that the Needs Assessment is part of a […]

Prepardness for Travelers Essential in Current Weather Conditions

As the area suffers through another severe winter storm, some may be forced to travel due to an emergency or mandatory commute to work. Because of this, some emergency precautions will need to be taken to insure their safety. Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Coordinator Andy Buffington says to make sure you follow them, especially on days […]

School Transportation Bill Introduced in a Senate Committee

The Senate Education Committee chair Amy Sinclair (R-Allerton) introduced a bill this week that addresses transportation and district cost per pupil (DCPP) inequities within the school aid formula. The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) has worked collaboratively with legislators to resolve inequities in school funding, primarily focusing on high transportation costs and unequal district […]

Weather Spotter Training Dates and Locations are Set

North Iowans who have a keen interest in the actions of Mother Nature should consider becoming an official spotter. Kelsey Angle, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service, says spotter training classes start next week at locations all across the state. Over the years, more than 45-hundred weather spotters have been trained in central […]

North Iowans Urge Sessions to Carefully Review Mega Chemical Merger

 Area farmers are paying very close attention to a proposed merger that could affect prices for chemicals used in the fields. Also nearly 325 organizations have signed a letter pressing new U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make sure the Justice Department does its job without political interference when it looks at a proposal to let Dow […]