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4th of July

Belmond Begins July 4th Celebration Planning (Audio)

Belmond Begins July 4th Celebration Planning (Audio)

The City of Belmond has begun to plan for the 4th of July celebration by holding a planning meeting on Monday night that encompassed the initial stages of the celebration. Some new ideas cropped up for the event. City Administrator Lee Ann Waltzing explained: Interested citizens looking to assist in the planning for the 4th

West Hancock

West Hancock Attends Corwith-Wesley Dissolution Committee Meeting Last Night (Audio)

The committee designated to implement the dissolution of the Corwith-Wesley Community school District met Last night to discuss procedures on dividing up the district among the surrounding school districts. The process was initiated when the district felt it had too few students to work with. Area school districts are taking notice of the meeting tonight,

King 2

King Grills Attorney General over Persecuting the President’s Enemies (Video)

Congressman Steve King released a video from his questioning of the witness, Attorney General Eric Holder, at the House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday on “Oversight of the U.S. Department of Justice.” The theme of King’s questioning of the witness was “Partisan, Political Persecution by Prosecuting the President’s Enemies.” To watch the video, click the link below:

Winnebago County

Winnebago County Supervisors Hear Gun Control Message

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors heard from County Attorney Adam Sauer on Tuesday regarding his thoughts on keeping guns out of the courthouse. Sauer referred to an incident at the Madison County Courthouse where a convicted man produced a weapon in the courtroom and fled. He was later found. The Supervisors heard from Sauer

Water Main

Belmond Water Woes Continue (Audio)

  The City of Belmond is asking its residents to curb running their water to avoid freezing lines. Three water main breaks over the weekend have caused the city to ask their citizens to shut off running faucets. Belmond City Manager Lee Ann Waltzing explains: The water treatment plant has the capacity to produce 1200


Area Grief Support Groups Starting Soon (Audio)

The North Iowa Grief and Support Group will commence with once a week for seven week sessions beginning next week. The organization is multi-faceted with their approach to helping those who have lost loved ones. Organizer Catherine Mills of the Support Group told KIOW News what happens when the group meets. The group doesn’t just


Area Researcher Needs Data on Volunteerism

Each of us has at one point and time volunteered for a cause or an effort to help someone or something. Statisically, more volunteerism is done in the rural setting than in the urban areas. What is very interesting is that researchers don’t know much about the rural volunteer. Professor Jeff Bolinger wants to change


Bruce Braley sorry for comments about Grassley

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley is apologizing to Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley for comments recorded during a fundraiser in Texas in which the Democrat inferred Iowa’s senior senator was unfit to be judiciary committee chairman. In video posted Tuesday from a January fundraiser, Braley said: “You might have a farmer from Iowa who never