School Districts Saving of Funding Called into Question by State Lawmakers

Iowa school districts are holding more than $145 million in their accounts, but some superintendents say restrictions on that money is making it hard to spend. Others, like Forest City Community Schools Superintendent Darwin Lehmann say that another reason that districts do not spend that money is because the state funding is so unpredictable. Two […]


Hancock County Looks at Insuring Drainage Districts

In light of the Des Moines Waterworks suit, do drainage districts now need insurance coverage and if so, how does a county pay for the premiums?  The Hancock County Board of Supervisors recently discussed the possibility of obtaining insurance coverage on Drainage Districts and the necessary requirements to do so.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells about […]


Report Says Youth Jails are Failures at Rehabilitation

 Children should not be kept behind bars, according to a new report that examines the ineffectiveness of youth prisons in Iowa and other states. The research from The Annie E. Casey Foundation pulls together evidence of the failings of youth correctional facilities and recommends they all be closed. Foundation president and CEO Patrick McCarthy says these prisons have high […]