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New Sign Baffles Hancock County

New Sign Baffles Hancock County

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors held a teleconference with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and DOT Monday questioning the validity of a new sign along Hwy 18 West of Britt. For those of you that haven’t noticed the sign it mentions a middle tributary of the Boone River, but there is no waterway

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HCHS Celebrates the Holidays

Hancock County Health System’s Med Spa and Gift Shop in Britt are hosting a Holiday Extravaganza this Thursday (November 12th) from 4 to 7pm.  HCHS spokesperson Michelle Tue tells about the special deals that will be available Thursday. Don’t miss Hancock County Health System’s Med Spa and Gift Shop Holiday Extravaganza in Britt this Thursday from

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Hancock County Supervisors Support GHV Property Annexation

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met in adjourned session Monday with a brief agenda beginning with consideration of a resolution for annexation of Garner-Hayfield-School district property.  Tlach explains. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors also conducted drainage business, most notably, a bill sent to Ed and Cheryl Barkema for a tile repair.  Tlach tells

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Hancock County Sees Overflow of Recycling

  Rural recycling dump sites are overflowing in Hancock County thus creating a need for more routine pick-ups.  The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met with Waste Management Monday to discuss the county’s rural recycling drop sites and collection schedules.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach says a couple of the dumpsters are filling up quicker than initially


Hancock County Supervisors Welcome New Engineer

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors met Monday in adjourned session with the new Hancock County Engineer Adam Clemons, who also serves as Wright County Engineer.  Clemons has agreed to divide his time between both counties, which the Supervisors estimate will save Hancock County about $20,000.  The decision to share an engineer comes after Bill


HCHS to host Wellness Fair

Do you know your wellness numbers?  Hancock County Health System is hosting a Wellness Fair on Wednesday, October 14th from 7:30 to 11am at the Hancock County Memorial Hospital Wellness Center in Britt.  Respiratory therapist Molly Schaefer tells about the program. So why is monitoring your wellness numbers so important? Keep in mind that there

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Hancock County to Share Engineer with Wright County

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors agreed Monday to share a county engineer with Wright County.  The decision to share comes after Bill Waddingham’s recent resignation as Hancock County Engineer.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach says Hancock County approved the share agreement Monday after a conference call with Wright County. According to the mutual agreement, the engineer