Some Area Soybean Growers Get Off to a Rough Start This Year

Some area farmers are seeing issues with the development of their crops as the weather turned from wet to dry a week ago. Following that were spotty thunderstorms and less than a half of an inch of rain this past week. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Crops Specialist for Northwest Iowa, Joel DeJong, says many soybean fields have been planted twice, or even a third time, since soybeans were having difficulty emerging.

He says it has been hard for the soybeans to emerge out of that now dry, crusted ground. DeJong says that’s not the only issue created by the recent lack of rain.

DeJong says although the topsoil is dry the deeper subsoil moisture is still adequate for crop development, as plants can send roots as deep as seven feet.

The Iowa State University agronomist says some people believe a dry spell helps develop stronger roots as the plant is forced to have its roots go deeper
seeking moisture.

DeJong says any areas with soil compaction will keep those plants from proper root development.

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