Belmond Passes Fireworks Laws on Sale and Detonation

It is becoming increasingly apparent that residents who don’t want people shooting off fireworks on the Fourth of July are winning out against those that do. Belmond became, yet another city where city leaders do not want to have to deal with the complaints and emergency personnel want to limit the number of detonation accidents.

The Belmond City Council addressed Ordinances 434 and 435 which dealt with the sale and detonation of fireworks in the city limits. Both passed by a 4-1 vote in council. Essentially, fireworks can be sold in Belmond and detonated under certain requirements.

City Manager Lee Ann Waltzing explained that detonation of fireworks must be permitted first.

The city will allow the sale of fireworks, as long as certain rules are followed.

Some locations are allowing for the use of tents to sell fireworks from. However, Belmond city leaders made the restrictions on sales locations for a reason.



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