Blue Stars Return to Forest City for Spring Training

This year marks the fifth consecutive year that the Blue Stars Drums Corps will practice at Waldorf University. They were holding extensive practice sessions to prepare their competitive show for tour.

 The Blue Stars will practice from approximately 8am to 9pm with breaks for meals and water.  The point of the drills and the practice is to prepare for a grueling summer of competitions and shows throughout the country. This means sleeping on the gym floor, walking through routines, extensive personal practice times, memorizing formations and the steps to get into formation, as well as the extensive amount of music and timing.

 The Blue Stars provide students ages 14-22 with educational opportunities in the area of performing arts to develop life skills. Their mission states: members learn through teamwork, dedication, strong work ethic, setting goals, and discipline that success can be achieved both on and off the performance field. Blue Stars are a member of Drum Corps International (DCI), where they compete on an international level.

For a look at what goes into a practice, check out the video where the Blue Star Drum Corps prepares for the Atlanta Regional Event.