Severe Spring Weather Can Bring Serious Hail Damage

The volatile spring storm season has begun in northern Iowa. Already within the week, the area has seen two Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued to northeastern Hancock and central Cerro Gordo Counties. More is possibly on the way on Tuesday, although the National Weather Service remains cautiously optimistic that these storms may not become severe threats.

In some locations such as the Britt and Hayfield areas, nickel and quarter sized hail was reported in the Wednesday night storms. Similar hail reports came in from just east of Clear Lake. These are the same storms that caused the issuance of several warnings.

Iowans filed 27-hundred hail claims last year with State Farm Insurance. The average cost to repair hail-damaged cars was over four-thousand dollars while the average home roof repair topped 11-thousand dollars. State Farm spokeswoman Holly Anderson suggests Iowans check in with their insurance agent now, before the next storm strikes.

North Iowans need to be especially vigilant now when it comes to severe weather and Anderson suggests keeping an ear to KIOW.

If your home’s roof or windows have been compromised by a storm, Anderson says you may need to act quickly.

In the State Farm report for 2016, Iowa ranks 25th in the nation for the most hail claims.

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