April Showers Bring May Flowers. Well, Not Yet

With the beginning of May today, the area finished just under the normal temperature for highs at 58.5 degrees for April. We saw an average temperature for the area in April of 58 degrees, which is a half a degree lower than normal. As far as average lows were concerned, the area registered 38 degrees, which is 2.8 degrees warmer than the normal of 35.2 degrees.

It also seemed like April was very wet, however the area saw a lower than normal amount of rain according to the National Weather Service. The area average was 3.13 inches of rain, but the normal for the month is 3.65 inches leaving the area a little over half an inch below normal.

Many Iowans want to start enjoying the outdoors, but with the cold weather we’ve been having, farmers are facing a huge financial threat because they can’t plant their crops. Dennis Todey, director of the USDA’s Midwest Climate Hub in Ames, says it will continue to be rainy and cold.

More rain is forecast for the area today and into tonight. The rain will let up for Tuesday, but will return on Wednesday.

Todey says it may be the middle of next month before we’ll see much of a change.

According to Iowa Agriculture Secretary, Bill Northey, the planting cycle will not be the same across the entire state.

Northey, who farms near Spirit Lake, says farmers are poised to get the planters moving as soon as they get dry weather.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey

With the passing of April and now going into early May  Northey believes that there’s still some time to get the planting in.

Northey admitted that he is just as anxious to get going on planting too, because he has not gotten his corn in yet.

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