Britt City Council to Discuss Loan Notes Tonight

The Britt City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm. The first item to be addressed is the $860,000 is General Obligation Capital Loan Notes that the city intends to issue. The council may approve a resolution approving and authorizing the loan agreement which authorizes, provides the issuance, and allows for the levy of a tax to pay for the notes. The board will have to also approve a tax exemption certificate to go along with the resolution. The money will be used for capital improvements for the city.

The council will also look into liquor licenses for the Red Rooster during RAGBRAI and Hobo Days. Elizabeth’s Pharmacy is looking to get a wine license renewal.

Another item on the agenda of significance is the Max Yield land purchase. The council will discuss the move to purchase the land and potentially approve it.


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