Worth County Board to Focus on Drainage

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am to first discuss secondary road issues and what repairs need to be made to them.

The board will then begin to discuss a large number of drainage issues. These include a pending payment on Drainage District 11 Lat 67-35. The board will arrive at the amount through a fiscal year 2015 assessment. The board will also discuss Drainage District 23  Lateral 9. Here the board will hold an informational meeting with residents which should begin at 9:30am. Repair of a coffer dam in the same district will also be discussed. The Commissioners of Reclassification will discuss the need to do so for Drainage District 63.

A number of petitions have been filed with the Drainage Clerk. The board will hear engineers reports on Drainage District 21 West Main, They may discuss Drainage District 19 Lateral 7A1 which involves boring under a road.

The board will also hold a Public Hearing on Drainage Districts 8, 18, and 23. The first of these will occur at 10am with Drainage District 23. At 11am, the board will hold one for Drainage District 8. At 1pm, the board will hold a hearing on Drainage District 18.

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