Warm Temperatures Bring Planting Anxiety

Many farmers are anxious to start planting, but an Iowa State University crops specialist says farmers may want to wait at least another week for some warmer weather so the soil can warm up.  Joel DeJong (Dee-young) works in northwest Iowa and says you need soil temperatures above 50 degrees, and while the air temperature rose a little this past weekend, temperatures then dropped off.

DeJong says there were some farmers who had planted their corn by this time last year, and for some it worked out well, while others encountered some  problems.

He says there was a lot of corn planted on the 11th and 12th of April last year, and most of that, particularly the western half of the area  did pretty well.  He says the research indicates April 15th through May 8th is
a planting range where they’ll get from 98 to 100 percent of the typical yield if planting in good conditions.

The Iowa State University Crops Specialist says sometimes if farmers till their ground during wet conditions, it could lead to soil compacting, and the bottom of the disk zone getting smeared.

The weekly crop report from the U-S-D-A released Monday show no planting yet in the state.

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