Farmers Are Looking For Higher Yields and Extended Growth

Farmers in the area are getting ready for spring planting and in so doing, have made a plan on how they might accomplish a good harvest this year. The approaches are different according to Matt Storby of Storby Seeds in Lake Mills.

Although the market has been down and prices have not been to a profitable point, farmers are still looking to get the most out of their fields, even if that means extending the growing season a few days more.

The minor extension to the growing season can mean a significant difference for grain farmers in trying to make money on the harvest this year, not only in growth, but in the volume of grain produced.

In order to accomplish these goals of high yield and longer growth cycles, farmers have already made plans for each field and how best to approach each. Storby says that his team is working with each farmer individually to assist in meeting these plans.

Those who have questions on the best farming approach for 2017 can call Storby Seeds at  (641) 592-9000.








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