Lake Mills City Council To Discuss City Sewer Improvements

The Lake Mills City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The council will consider petitions to use city property for the July Jubilee celebrations. One site is for a street dance and beer garden while the other is for a Water Ball. The city will also address the need for portable restrooms at the event.

The city is in the process of repairing and replacing some storm sewer lines in the city. The projects are expected to last for the next couple of years with the south side of the city being the focus for this year and the north side the next. Resolutions for work on the north side will be considered. These include residential homes and along the Norwegian Monument.

The council will also look at possibly approving a professional services proposal to bring the Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Lagoon up to code. The city has five years to get the project complete and may be looking at getting the bidding process underway shortly.

The council will then look into taking action on properties with dangerous buildings that need to be repaired or demolished. City employees want to send out abatement letters invoking Chapter 145 of the City Code which requires action on the part of the landowner to take down or repair the building question. Such properties may include garages or sheds. The city has already got four such properties in mind, but is waiting on council approval.


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