Hancock Supervisors to Discuss Drainage, Taxes, Budgets, and Memberships

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am to first read an ordinance passed by area voters for a 1% Local Option sales and Service Tax. The tax only affects the portion of Forest City located in Hancock County that has not had a city sales tax similar to the one on the Winnebago County side. No action is necessary by the board. They will merely read the ordinance to understand what is taking place in their county.

Drainage matters that are held jointly by Hancock and Winnebago County will be reviewed over the next two days. The board will look at receiving and awarding bids for work to be done on the Joint Drainage District 37-39. The project is a repair of an open ditch in the district. A second joint drainage district issue will be handled later in the week.

The board will also look at Drainage District 130’s Main Tile Surface Drain Repair. The board will set a date and time for the opening of bids and the awarding of the project. Plans and specifications will also be reviewed at that time.

The board will hear a presentation from Amanda Olszewski of AirMedCare. It is believed that she will present a plan for memberships in a plan that will reduce costs to be transported by Mercy Air Med. Helicopter ambulance transportation can be expensive and the program appears to offer discounts through the company to make the flights more affordable.

At 11am, the board will hold a public hearing on the construction of three deep pit swine finisher confinement buildings to be constructed on Peacock Farms in section 6 of the Britt Township. The public in the area is invited to voice their opinion of the proposed construction.

On Tuesday, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet with the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors at the Winnebago Courthouse to discuss a drainage cleanout of Joint Drainage District 52-54-17 Lateral 6. The meeting will be a formal hearing with landowners to discuss costs and expected results. The hearing will begin at 10am in Forest City.

On Thursday, both boards will join the Worth County Board of Supervisors in a case management meeting that will begin at 9am. The meeting will be held at the Worth County Courthouse in the Supervisors Room.

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