Forest City Council to Review Higher Trash, Water, and Sewer Rates

The Forest City Council will meet tonight beginning at 7pm with a number of issues to be decided, or at the very least, reviewed. The council will begin with a look at storm water drainage issues in the Prairie View Estates area. The council hired Veenstra and Kimm Engineering to design a system that would alleviate the problem. Tonight, the firm will review the plans with the council.

DGR will then speak with the council regarding an electrical system study that they just completed for the city. The council will review the plans and make any necessary actions.

Another water line in a rental home broke. This one is in a mobile home owned by Gary and Deb Vanden Bosch. They are petitioning the city for relief on their water bill as the water flowed out of the home and into the street. None of the water entered the sewer line.

The city is looking to repair runway 15-33 at the municipal airport. A study was recently completed and plans were ordered on how best to accomplish the renovation. Those plans are now completed and now the city will consider Resolution 16-17-32 which approves the plans, costs, and form of contract to get the project underway.

Another project still in the funding phase is the Hanson Family Fine Arts Center. the joint theater project between the city, the school district, and Waldorf University is continuing to gather necessary funding for the construction of the facility. In the process, six bids were accepted by all three parties to build the facility, however a small snag has developed. The lowest bid came from Kingland Construction of $10,309,561. This leaves the project with a deficit of $285,059. Last Monday night, the Forest City Community School Board voted to absorb the costs and Waldorf University will add time to their management contract to offset the costs. The city will not be obligated to pay any part of the deficit.

Trash, water, and sewer rates will be going up if the city council approves a pair of Ordinances tonight.  The city will now charge residents $1.27 per blue bag along with a $4.70 residential landfill fee and a $3.00 recycling fee if Ordinance 763 is passed.

Rates for water service will have a base fee of $11.33 per month and $2.90 per 1,000 gallons of water used in usage rates. There will also be a Capital Equipment Reserve Charge of $3 per month. Sewer rates will have a base fee of $3.78, a usage fee of $6.92 per 1,0000 gallons of water used, and a Capital Equipment Reserve Charge of $6.72 per month if Ordinance 764 is passed tonight.

The council will meet in the City Council Chambers in City Hall.

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