SUNDAY TALK: Grassley on the Budget, Immigration, and Farm Issues

The Trump Administration has submitted to Congress the fiscal year 2018 Operating Budget. Opposition party members are already blasting the proposal saying it doesn’t spend enough in many areas. Some of Trumps’ fellow party members are hesitant about the budget and are looking at ways to change parts of it.

In other areas, immigration is becoming a hot topic again with the proposal by President Trump for a $1.5 billion wall to be constructed on the Mexican border. However, Senator Charles Grassley has exposed an area in the immigration laws that allow immigrants to enter legally. Some these individuals are actually committing fraud by abusing the regulation of entry through marriage.

U. S. Senator Debbie Stabenow has joined with Senator Charles Grassley on a unique bill that is called, “Food Security is National Security 2017”. The bill essentially covers acquisitions of foreign trade companies and those which are domestic. The acquisitions potentially hurt Iowa farmers and both Grassley and Stabenow want to stop that.

These are just some of the topics that U. S. Senator Charles Grassley talked about when he sat down with KIOW News Director A. J. Taylor in our Sunday Talk.

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