Shoplifters Arrested in Mason City

Employees at the Mills Fleet Farm in Mason City noticed something suspicious about three would-be customers in their store on Thursday. The employees continued to watch them as they proceeded to try and collectively take up to $10,000 in merchandise out of the store without paying for it.

Mills Fleet Farm management summoned the Mason City Police to the store around 10:30am where they arrested Boonmee Vongsee and Susan Khamsai as they were leaving. Both were from Webster City. Both were allegedly found to have methamphetamine and Khamsai also allegedly had drug paraphernalia on her person.

The third suspect was Gary Black of Des Moines. Records indicate that he was arrested inside the store after being observed trying to remove theft detection devices on nine different items. Like the other two suspects, Black also is alleged to have methamphetamine with him in the store.

Police have charged the three suspects with 2nd degree theft and possession of methamphetamine. Black was charged with nine counts of theft detection device removal. Khamsai was additionally charged with drug paraphernalia charges. All three were taken to the Cerro Gordo County Jail.

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