Winnebago Supervisors to Review Drainage Projects

The Winnebago County Assessor will open the Winnebago Board of Supervisors meeting this morning at 9am with a discussion regarding an application for a Business Property Tax Credit. Sue McColloch, the Assessor is asking the board to deny the application on the grounds that it was for a proposed multi-family housing unit which the tax credit is not intended for. The applicant has been informed of the situation, but now the board has to go through the procedure for official denial.

The meeting will then turn to drainage projects. The first of these involves Drainage District 103. The board had requested an engineer review the situation and report back to the board on the cleaning or repair work that might be needed. Drew Sweers of Veenstra and Kimm Incorporated will file the report with the board

Drainage District 47 will also have an engineering report reviewed on its status. Sweers has prepared a report on this drainage issue and will inform the board of the necessary repairs and possible improvements.

Larson Contracting has been working on Drainage District 2-3’s Main Ditch, but hs run into a second cost overrun from the original bid. The company has filed a change order with the Auditor’s Office which the board will have to approve.

At 10am, the board will hold a public hearing on the fiscal year 2018 operating budget. This will be the final time that the public will have a chance to comment on the budget before it is adopted. If there are no substantive objections, the board may opt to approve the budget for the next fiscal year.

The board will then adjourn until Thursday at 10am when they will hold a bid letting on jointly held drainage district with Hancock County. Drainage District 39-37 will be the project up for bids at the Board of Supervisor’s Room in the Hancock County Courthouse.

The board will meet in the Supervisors Office of the Winnebago County Courthouse.

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