Hancock County Board to Meet Today

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will hold their weekly meeting today beginning at 9am in the Hancock County Courthouse. The first item to be done concerns the annual state audit. The board will set a date and time to seek bids for the annual audit.

The board will then take steps to close a road that doesn’t actually exist. The board will hold a public hearing to close a portion of Highway 424 which was the access point onto Old Highway 18 east of Britt and west of the dredge ditch. The road actually went by many names including the Yellowstone Pacific Highway, Daggett Road, and Iowa Highway 19. The road is no longer there and there are no remnants including the access point onto Highway 18. However, it still remains on the engineering books. The County Roads Department and the engineer want to officially close the road and remove it from working records.

At 10am, the county will hold a formal hearing with landowners on Drainage District #57. Work on the project is needed and the county wants to confer with landowners about the project.

A second discussion will center around Joint Drainage District 52-54-17 Lateral 6FE and 6FEA. Repairs are need on this project as well. McClure Engineering along with landowners and Helgeson Drainage Incorporated will be involved in the discussion.

The board will meet in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner.

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