Time to Spring Forward for Daylight Saving Time

You need to make sure you have set your clocks forward by one hour today as we begin Daylight Saving Time across most of the United States. The purposes behind the time switch were done with good intentions, but actually really do not accomplish it’s goal.

The first of these is energy savings. Congress adopted the rule under the notion it would save energy during both World Wars. Since that time, a study by the U. S. Department of Energy found that some locations save .03% of the energy they would have normally. Indiana is one of the locations where the theory does not hold true. Researchers found that the state actually increases energy usage by 1% with increases towards fall by as much as 4%.

Another falsehood around Daylight Saving Time is that farmers would have more time for harvests. However, congress had a deaf ear to the protests by farmers during the adoption of the law. Farmers strongly lobbied against the idea saying that it generally cut production by as much as 25%. They also argued that it made life tougher on everyone including livestock, because milking hours, “were all thrown off.”

There are plusses to the change which is welcome news to law enforcement. A study by the Brookings Institute found that robbery rates dropped 7% with a more significant drop of 27% during the time when there was extra sunlight.

Another upside to the whole concept is that children are not standing out in the dark of night waiting for school busses because of the change. Some states adopted a year round standard time by not changing the clocks causing school children to be out in pre-dawn hours during the December and early January mornings. After one year, those states returned to changing of the clocks.

The change in time for many is not worth it. A Rasmussen Poll conducted in 2014 found that 33% still think that the hassle is worth it. In 2012, the figure was 45%.

Regardless, move your clock forward tonight, otherwise you’ll be extremely late for everything in the morning.


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