Emergency City Snow Ordinances Go Into Effect

As the heavy snows fall in the broadcast area, cities and towns have enacted Emergency Snow Ordinances to better assist residents in clearing of the streets of snow and ice. Forest City has issued an emergency ordinance which requires all parked cars to be off the roads to make is easier and quicker for city crews to clear the road.

Forest City Streets and Sanitation Director Mike O’Rourke says that the crews are ready to take on whatever this storm has in store.

Those cars that are parked on the roadways will be ticketed in violation of the ordinance. Vehicles can be parked on the island between the sidewalk and street, but O’Rourke says the further from the road, the better.

Forest City residents are responsible for their sidewalks.

Residents have 24 hours from the end of the snowfall event to clear their sidewalks. The purpose is make sure that there is a clear path for emergency personnel to take to the front door or access point to the home in case of emergency.

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