Garner Takes Steps on Meeting Housing Needs

The Garner City Council met on March 7th to discuss the need for more housing in the area. Expansion is taking place with many surrounding industries both in Clear Lake and Garner. As a result, the council felt it necessary to explore options for further development.

Prior to the meeting, a St. Louis based developer had expressed interest in building an apartment complex similar to the Westgate Apartment complex currently under construction in Forest City. Garner City Manager Randy Lansing explains.

The developer decided not to pursue the development project leaving Garner with a need for more housing in the city. The council then decided to meet in the March 7th special meeting to try and keep the possible housing expansion going.

The offer to the landowner amount to $16,000 per acre plus the city will cover the capital gains tax. The city was able to manage the purchase due to the sale of the Hejlik 1st and 2nd subdivision meant that the city had $530,000 set aside to do the next subdivision. This puts the city in a good position to continue housing expansion in the city. However, the project has not been without its issues.

The housing project, or Hejlik 3 subdivision won’t get underway until after the Southside Sewer Project has been completed. When the project is completed, it is expected to be a 27 lot subdivision for single family homes. This will only meet part of the need according to Lansing. A study by Max Fields Consulting Firm indicates that 68 family dwellings are needed in the city. Since the city now does not have a contractor to help meet those needs, the council has taken steps to try and secure one according to Lansing.

The council will meet again to talk about contractors and further developments on the housing front in their next council meeting.






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