More Firefighters Found to Have Been Improperly Scored on Tests

  In a recent story on KIOW and, we found that several area firefighters were improperly graded and passed certification test which they actually failed. Firefighters in Forest City, Britt, and Garner were all found, through no fault of theirs to have actually failed these voluntary certifications. It was thought, that these firefighters would go and retake the test and the matter would be cleared up.

 As part of the ongoing review of testing procedures at the Fire Service Training Bureau, The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) has obtained additional information from a State Fire Marshal database system which identified the existence more firefighter tests that were improperly scored.  

In an effort to reconcile these improperly scored tests for our fire service partners, an additional 739 firefighters at 94 fire departments have been notified that tests taken through the Fire Services Training Bureau were improperly scored and have offered those firefighters an opportunity to re-test at no expense.  The FSTB is committed to the most accurate and complete scoring of all exams.

All certification and accreditations programs are entirely voluntary and are not required by the State of Iowa or nationally, although some fire departments require their firefighters to be certified.  The Department of Public Safety, State Fire Marshal’s Office, and Fire Service Training Bureau is committed to providing quality training and looks forward to the continued support of Iowa’s professional fire service.

The Fire Services Training Bureau is committed to offering free test retakes for individuals affected by the improperly scored exams. Refresher and retesting opportunities are being extended through much of 2017.  To date, over 350 firefighters have taken advantage of retesting opportunities offered by the FSTB.

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