Winnebago Supervisors To Review Drainage and Contracts

The Winnebago County Board of supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am with several issues to be addressed. The first of these has to do with a contract with Next Generation Technologies who are handling the internet technology at the nearly complete Public Safety Center. There is some discussion regarding what role the Winnebago County Director of Internet Technology Eric Guth will play in the operation of the department at the center.

Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders will discuss the current state of secondary roads and bridges in the county. He will also review new construction projects either planned or underway in the county.

The board will then move on to drainage matters. Two projects of major concern will highlight the discussion. The first will involve Drainage District #5 where Larson Contracting is involved. The company has submitted a second Pay Estimate for work on the main ditch. The second project involves Drainage District #2-3 where again Larson Contracting is performing the clean out and repair. The main ditch work has apparently run into some cost over runs which the company ahs submitted a change order for. The board needs to approve both the estimate and the change order.

After approval of the Law Enforcement contracts dealing with how Winnebago County towns compensate the county for Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling their cities, the board may approve three appointments to various commissions and boards. The first of these will be Deb Coates to the Civil Service Commission. The second will be Supervisor Terry Durby and Beth Bilyeu to the Port Authority Board. The Authority is a group of counties who have banded together to provide support for natural gas pipelines lines through the area, among other reasons.

The board will meet in the Winnebago County Courthouse in the Supervisors Room.


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