Forest City Council to Discuss a High Water Bill Issue Tonight

The Forest City Council has never issued a forgiveness on bills, particularly a water bill. However, Hanlontown’s Rex Taylor will try to sway the city to do so tonight as he goes before the council to plead his case.

Taylor and his wife Connie own a home in Forest City located at 505 North 11th Street. Taylor rents out the home and according to him, has for several years without incident. The last tenant moved out in November of 2016. In so doing, the tenant allegedly turned the heat down or off.

Taylor said in a letter to the city, that over the Christmas holidays, pipes in the home froze from the subzero conditions outside. Later, in January during the first of two major thaws in the area, the pipes also thawed and began to leak, draining 206,000 gallons of city water into the basement which the floor drains were able to handle. The drains are not connected to the septic system. Instead, they run to city sewer lines which were able to handle the load.

Taylor is now faced with a hefty water bill from the crisis. He was scheduled to speak with the council during the February 20th meeting, but those plans were put on hold due to a conflict.

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