Worth County Board to Review Drainage Issues

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9am with a discussion on secondary roads. Conditions of the roads with the recent thaw and refreeze may have caused issues for some roads which will be addressed.

The board will then turn its attention to a number of drainage issues before the county. The first will concern itself with a jointly held district with Mitchell County. David Falk is asking the county to address a concern in the district which may need repairs.

The board will then hear engineering reports concerning Drainage Districts 21 West Main and Drainage District 18. The board will then look at pending work which includes Drainage Districts 8, 23, 11, 46, and 19. Drainage Dist 8 is actually complete and a completion hearing will be held to address citizens concerns. Drainage District 11 has a lateral 67-35 which is in need of reclassification. Drainage District 46 has a lateral, 11, that is in need of repairs.

The board will hear presentations from Winn-Worth Betco, the Waste Water Treatment Facility, and a discuss a proposed ATV Ordinance Resolution.

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