Branstad Plans Extra Cuts to Colleges to Cover Shortfall That Will Affect NIACC

A top budget official for Govenor Terry Branstad has released details about $11.5 million in cuts that will help close a mid-year budget shortfall.

The Iowa Legislature passed a budget bill earlier this year that included roughly $117 million in cuts to cover the shortfall. David Roederer, with the Iowa Department of Management, indicated at the time that $11.5 million of that amount would come from unspecified cuts to operational expenses, such as supplies and equipment purchases.

Roederer said in a Friday afternoon news release that the $11.5 million in cuts would include an additional $2.7 million in reductions to Iowa’s three public universities and about $1.7 million to community colleges. One of the area community colleges that are affected by the cuts is North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC).

Lawmakers had already ordered the schools to cut $21 million from the current budget, which began last July.

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