Blizzards’ Effects Remain This Morning

Although the precipitation ended overnight, driving conditions remain hazardous in spots early this morning. Some roads are still partly to mostly covered in ice or snow, along with shallow blowing snow in open areas. Motorists and pedestrians are urged to maintain awareness for slick spots and proceed cautiously when venturing out this morning.

Road crews in Forest City, Britt, Garner, Clear Lake, Lake Mills, and Belmond were out in the late afternoon and early evening Friday as the storm left the area to clear roads that were snow covered. Many of the roads experienced blowing and drifting snow during the overnight hours which caused drivers to use caution when venturing out on Saturday morning.

Snowfall amounts varied throughout the area. Forest City received nearly a foot of snow, while Lake Mills and Scarville were slightly higher. Belmond was just under ten inches and Britt was at nine. Buffalo Center and Thompson were around 11 inches according to listeners who reported in.

The major concern now is blowing and drifting snow. Northwest winds are forecast to exceed 15 miles per hour today, but are expected to slow to around 10 miles per hour from the south tonight. Road crews are monitoring the situation to make sure area roads are clear. Highways are now allowing towing along their routes. During the storm, towing bans were put in place because of the condition of the roads and that plows could not be slowed down because of emergency tow trucks blocking traffic to pull cars out of drifts.

Some secondary roads will have drift issues as snow is pushed out onto the road. Secondary roads to the north of Forest City were experiencing these issues. Caution is urged by officials when taking thee or any other secondary roads immediately after the storm.

Sidewalks in Forest City are required to be cleared before Monday. These are the responsibility of the property owner or resident of the home. Similar requirements are in place in surrounding communities as well.

Another round of sleet, rain, and snow will move into the area on Monday and continue into early Tuesday. This storm will not have the same magnitude as the storm on Thursday and Friday that dumped such significant snow totals and virtually shut down area communities.

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