Winnebago County Youth Summit to Provide Interesting Answers to Teen Issues

The Winnebago County Task Force wants to inform the area residents, schools, and businesses about serious issues facing north Iowa youth today. They are currently conducting a County Needs Assessment concerning community health with a focus on substance abuse. Libby Myer with the Winnebago County Task Force explains that the Needs Assessment is part of a Winnebago County Youth Summit involving students and the public.

The program is designed to inform parents, teachers, youth leaders, and the general public about the substance abuse issues facing the north Iowa youth today. Many of the answers may be surprising and revealing, but the hope is to create a dialogue.

It all begins with the selected students from Buffalo Center, Forest City, and Lake Mills answering basic questions prior to the actual summit itself.

The answers will be collected and then analyzed into a data form. From there, youth leaders, parents, teachers, and law enforcement can access the data to learn more about the issues.

The Winnebago County Youth summit will take place on Monday from 1:30pm to 2:30pm at the First Baptist Church in Forest City.



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