Prepardness for Travelers Essential in Current Weather Conditions

As the area suffers through another severe winter storm, some may be forced to travel due to an emergency or mandatory commute to work. Because of this, some emergency precautions will need to be taken to insure their safety. Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Coordinator Andy Buffington says to make sure you follow them, especially on days like today.

While cell phones are important, it is also wise to make sure that you have a car charger handy to make sure that you can charge the phone if the battery runs low.

Buffington also points out that there are other items to include in your emergency kit that should kept in the cabin of the vehicle for easy access.

While all of these items are valuable for survival while you wait for help in the storm, Buffington says that there is a cardinal rule that everyone has to follow when they become stranded.


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