Sidemen-Long Road To Glory

Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith are names you may not be familiar with but those gentlemen played alongside the likes of blues legends Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters.   Since the summer of 2008, film director Scott Rosenbaum has been working on preserving the combined legacies of the aforementioned “sidemen”, an important tale that needs to be heard.   Over the course of several years, the documentary “Sidemen-Long Road To Glory” has taken many twists and turns and has overcome a number of obstacles.   Although the film is now complete and has garnered rave reviews from blues fans at screenings around the world, another hurdle must be cleared before the public can get their eyes on it.   KIOW’s Mark Skaar spoke with the films’ director Scott Rosenbaum about the journey that has gotten to this point.


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