New Barbarians Book on Rolling Stones Superstar Band Released Locally

In the late 1970’s the Rolling Stones were at a crossroads. Guitarist Keith Richards was busted for heroin in Canada and had serious charges hanging over his head. Meanwhile, the band enjoyed huge success with the “Some Girls” album and tour but by 1979, singer Mick Jagger had no interest in touring. At the same time, the bands other guitarist Ron Wood had completed his “Gimme Some Neck” album and assembled a star studded cast of musicians, including Richards to promote the effort. The band would become known as The New Barbarians, a group that had become a footnote in Stones lore.

Author Rob Chapman maintained a friendship with Wood and thought that short lived era should be properly documented and to that end, Voyageur Press has recently released “New Barbarians: Outlaws, Gunslingers and Guitars”. KIOW’s Mark Skaar spoke with Chapman recently about the project.


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