Worth County Implements “Text to 911”

A new concept on an old idea has become available in Worth County. “Text to 911” is now available according to Worth County Sheriff Dan Fank. The purpose is to better serve those who are hard of hearing, deaf, and/or dumb.

Currently only four carriers have the text to 911 capability. They are Sprint, I-Wireless, AT&T, and Verizon. No other sub-carriers, or general carriers offer the service.

While the service was primarily designed help those with handicaps, there are other situations where the service becomes beneficial. These include home invasion, domestic violence, or medical condition where the victim cannot speak.

In the case of a crime such as a home invasion or domestic situation, officials urge to the victim to silence their notification alarms to not further endanger them.

In each case where the Text to 911 is used, officials urge that the sender use 160 characters or less, give a brief description of the situation in plain English with no abbreviations to eliminate confusion, give an address, and the type of help that is needed such as an ambulance or police are needed. According to officials, photos and videos cannot be sent at this time.

Those who have disability issues such as hearing or speech issues should contact the Worth County Sheriffs Office to learn more about the service.

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