RSVP Celebrates National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and a reading buddy program that incorporates seniors and K-12 students is celebrating the month by highlighting their volunteers and their successes. RSVP, which is based out of North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC), has been helping students for several years who have been slowed by reading issues or just needed an extra boost to comprehend the class materials. RSVP Director Molly Anderegg recently appeared on the Midday show with A. J.  on KIOW to talk about the program.

One of those volunteers is Cheryl Hanna who works with students in the Forest City School District. She finds that the students want to learn, but are having issues with comprehension and visualization which are common issues in reading. So she begins to intently work with the student.

Modern technology has begun to erode away the traditional forms of reading. Television, movies, and videos on laptops, phones, and mobile devices have reduced the need for imagination by the individual and Hanna feels that kids need to step away momentarily and just simply read.

Now, maybe even more than ever, volunteers are needed to get involved in helping area students work on reading, visualization, and comprehension. Anderegg says that the process is simple and they are looking for help.

Anderegg warns that students and their mentors may get very involved in the reading material which brings out a true love of reading.


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