The Trump Presidency May Require A Path Toward Unity in 2017

Northern Iowa may be somewhat divided with emotions still running high over the realities of the Trump presidency. 

But a faith leader is encouraging those in despair to turn it into action. 

Howard Tolley, a University of Cincinnati political science professor who works with a Unitarian group, says education is the first step. While it may be tempting to turn off the television news, he says knowledge is power and exposure to broad sources of information can build understanding. 

Tolley adds that harmony can be achieved among even the most extreme ideological viewpoints through respectful conversation.

The next recommendation is advocacy, and Tolley maintains citizens need to go beyond the voting booth and connect with their elected leaders. 

When persuasion does not work, Tolley says there sometimes is the need to agitate. 

Tolley adds those who still struggle to find peace during divided times should look for ways to be in community with others – perhaps through church or by joining advocacy organizations.

Tolley also suggests supporting efforts to challenge unconstitutional laws and giving money to organizations that fight injustice. 

He developed the term “sixate” for his guide to action. It stands for educate, advocate, agitate, litigate, collaborate and donate.

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