Kruze Speaks to Issues Facing North Iowans and the Nation

The Commstock Report’s David Kruze spoke on a number of issues facing northern Iowans and Americans in general at a gathering in the First Baptist Church in Forest City on Tuesday. The evening was sponsored by area businesses, banks, and KIOW.

Kruze made a point to highlight what he thought was protectionist trade.

Kruze felt that the United States is headed for a time similar to the 1930’s and 40’s when the U. S. got away from globalization trade. He felt that tariffs imposed then were contributing factors in the state of the economy at that time and he fears that the U. S. economy may return to that state.

Kruze also expressed concern over the future of the Renewable Fuels Standard. He wanted to make sure that those in attendance understood the implications of a Trump Presidency on the RFS Standard.

Kruze can be heard daily on KIOW during the morning show and at 5pm.

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