Drainage Issues Discussed by Winnebago Supervisors

 The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors discussed several drainage issues in their meeting earlier this week. Rick Hopper of Jacobsen Westergard discussed Lateral 14 of Drainage District 2-3. The lateral is being incorporated into the district and there are several ditches that are now draining into it. The lateral needed to be classified so that the county could properly levy the drainage.

  Another issue involved Drainage District 51. Roger Neiman was to be reimbursed for work tile repair on drain. However, further research by the Auditor’s Office revealed that the section that was repaired was a private. The supervisors were advised of the situation and rescinded the reimbursement from being made.

  Drainage District 5 was not discussed as originally planned. Larson Contracting was looking for an extension to get the work done which has been held up by weather. The supervisors essentially tabled that and a Change Order for the project which involves Laterals 1, 20, and 22.

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