Hancock County elected officials could see a 3.2% wage increase

The Hancock County Compensation Board has spoken and it believes the county’s elected officials deserve a 3.2 percent across the board wage increase for the next budget year, considering early data from other counties’ across the state show proposed increases from 2.5 to nearly 5 percent.

The Compensation Board also voted in favor of an extra $750 annual pay for the Recorder, $1,250 for the Treasurer, and $1,500 for the Auditor.

Hancock County Compensation Board Chairman Dan Kadrlik explains why the board voted unanimously to approve these figures.

The Hancock County Compensation Board met Wednesday, January 4th with Hancock County Attorney David Solheim, Sheriff Scott Dodd, Treasurer Deb Engstler, and Auditor Michelle Eisenman, as well as the three Supervisors – Sis Greiman, Jerry Tlach and Ron Sweers. Recorder Tracy Marshall was absent.  The elected officials presented the board with an overview of their responsibilities and challenges they face. Although there were no specific requests made by the elected officials, they all agreed they would like to see increases closer to state averages and based on specific duties they carry out.

The Hancock County Compensation Board members are nominated by the county officials to assess the workload of each department and how that impacts salaries for the next fiscal year. Kadrlik says the compensation board then makes salary recommendations and gives those to the Supervisors.

In other words, it’s all in the hands of the Hancock County Supervisors. When the Supervisors approve the next fiscal year budget, they will vote to either adopt or reject the compensation board’s recommendation.

Current Salary                Proposed Salary

Supervisors               $32,592                                $33,635

Auditor                       $57,394                                 $60,731

Treasurer                  $57,394                                 $60,481

Recorder                   $57,394                                  $59,981

Attorney                    $95,084                                  $98,127

Sheriff                        $78,601                                   $81,116

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