Winnebago Supervisors Open the New Year with Drainage Matters

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 7:45am with the annual cash count which will be done in the Treasurer’s Office on the second floor. The count is an annual measure and is required by law.

The board will then move to the County Supervisors Meeting Room where an organizational meeting will take place. This annual agenda item will most likely install Mike Stensrud as the Board Chairman, Terry Durby as the Vice Chairman, and approve several appointments to various boards. The organizational segment will conclude with the approval of County Holidays for 2017 and other pertinent items.

The board will then hear from Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders on secondary road matters and the current state of roads after the Monday storms. Meinders will address any new minor repair issues and review larger scale projects for 2017.

The board will then delve into drainage issues. The Auditor’s Office will discuss pending projects and those that are currently in repair. Specific projects like Drainage Districts 35-89 Lateral 12 Waterway will be reviewed. The board is expected to act on a with WHKS to repair the ditches and streams in that district.

Other drainage matters include an extension project for Drainage District 5, approval of a second pay estimate by Larson Contracting for Drainage District 2-3, and reimbursing Roger Neiman for tile repair on Drainage District 51.

After an open forum, the board will go into closed session for secondary roads bargaining. What issues will be discussed have not been officially released. This will be the first of two closed door sessions by the board, The second will be negotiations with the Deputies Union on a new contract. That session is expected to begin at 1pm.

The board will conclude the morning session around 10:15am by giving final approval to a contract with WCTA for phone service. The county is switching to a newer phone system that has greater capacity for calls and internal communication. WCTA will provide the local, long distance, and internet capabilities.

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