Britt City Council to Meet Tonight

The Britt City Council will meet this evening beginning at 7pm to first discuss the sale of property located at 970 Highway 18 in Britt. The council is looking to sell the property and is holding an open hearing for the public to give their comment and feedback on the matter. The council will then close the hearing and either approve or decline the sale.

The council will then look into all of the mayoral appointments for the 2017 calendar year and either approve each or ask the mayor to reconsider all or some of them. They will do the same for council appointments. Then after the appointments are completed, the city will go about establishing depositories, signatures, and standard annual business.

The city will also discuss the plat and dedication of the Burgardt Commercial Park then conclude the meeting with an open forum.

The meeting will take place in the Britt City Hall.

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