Garner City Council to Discuss Facades and Abandoned Homes

The Garner City Council will hold a city council meeting Tuesday, August 26, 2014at 7:00 PM at the Garner City Hall, 135 West 5th Street, Garner, IA 50438. Any visual or hearing impaired persons, or persons with special accessibility needs should contact the City Clerk at 641-923-2588 prior to the meeting. The council will first seek Public Input on any topics that the council is addressing or that Garner residents feel should be addressed. The Council will take no action on any items that are presented, but could include them in future meetings.

 The city council will address the Garner Golf Course situation and review the Golf Course’s monthly financial report and a request from the Foundation to pay half the $7,614 insurance bill to the City in August 2014 and the other half in March 2015.

The council will the look into a Tree Removal Request. The request comes from Mark Kaczor, 285 N. State Street, to remove trees in the road right-of-way along his property. The council will review te cost and feasibility of removing the tree.

 The Downtown Façade Renovation Project will be the next item discussed. The council will review the professional qualifications of architects for the Downtown Façade Renovation Project and select an architect to negotiate a contract for the project. The project is being funded by a Community Deveklopment Block Grant. The council will also review the proposals for a historical reconnaissance survey of downtown buildings and award a contract for the survey with Resolution 2014-54. NIACOG, who is handling a large part of the project will hand bids out at meeting.

The council will also look into the purchase of an abandoned house and its subsequent demolition. They will review bids received for the purchase and demolition of the abandoned house at 295 W. 4th Street and award the sale of it, pending publication of the City’s intent to sell and holding a public hearing on the sale of the home. Bids will be handed out at meeting. Along those same lines and as a matter of formality, the council will review and approve Resolution 2014-55 announcing the City’s intent to dispose of the property at 295 W. 4th Street and setting the matter for a public hearing September 9, 2014.

For some time, residents have asked the city when the tennis court will be resurfaced. The council will review and approve Resolution 2014-56 awarding a contract for the resurfacing the tennis courts at the Pool Park and authorizing submission of grant application for half of the cost.

Also under scrutiny will be the Hancock County Foundation Grant where the council must Review and approve submission of Hancock County Foundation grant applications for the Police Department and the Park & Rec Department for a police car light bar, speed radar signs, and an indoor batting/pitching cage.

The Sewer Plant UV and Sampler Shed Review will be conducted. Labor bids for construction of a 13’x 30’ wood frame shed at the Sewer Treatment Plant to house the ultraviolet disinfector and effluent samplers, and award a construction contract with Resolution 2014-57 will be handed out at meeting).

The council will also look into the 2013 Street & Utility Extension Project Review and approve a change order to the 2013 Street and Utility Extension Project contract with Brian Nettleton Excavating. The copany ran into some extra costs that need to be addressed.

The council has authorized work to be done on a standby generator. Now they will need to approve a $30,810.87 pay request from Linahon Electric, Inc. for work completed to-date on the Water Treatment Standby Generator Project.

The last two items on the agenda have to do with the Garner City Sewer System. The council will review the findings of the sanitary sewer and storm sewer smoke testing and discuss the next step actions. Along those same lines, the council must discuss a draft Storm Water Management Ordinance. With the recent spring rains and resulting flooding, the council wants to stay ahead of potential future issues and is trying to be proactive to managing them.