Ellenbecker Posts Bail

The alleged arsonist who set fire to the Forest City Police Station and broke into a patrol unit has posted bail according to officials. Thaddeus Ellenbecker posted the required $6,000 bail and was released from jail around 5pm on Monday night.

Ellenbecker is said to have confessed to police about the crimes, but the Iowa Court of Appeals threw the confessions and subsequent convictions out because Ellenbecker was never read his Miranda Rights. The readings are standard procedure to allow arrested individuals the opportunity to understand their rights under the law.

The defense for Ellenbecker would probably go to Rochester where he has family and await his trial which is scheduled for September 17th with a pre-trial hearing slated for September 2nd. Ellenbecker will face the dame judge who convicted him and be in the same courtroom. What will be different is that Ellenbecker will not be subject to having the confessions used as evidence in the case.