Charges Are Filed in Boating Accident

On August 4th, KIOW News reported a rare boating accident that took place on Clear Lake. The boat pilot, William Nicholas, allegedly rammed his craft into a docked boat according to officials. Nicholas was reportedly intoxicated at the time and over the legal limit. He was carrying 10 passengers at the time and all reportedly were injured in the accident.

On Tuesday, the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Department officially charged Nicholas with reckless ise of a watercraft, operating a boat while intoxicated, and a right of way violation pertaining to speed and distance.

The Sheriff’s Office arrested Nicholas after concluding the investigation which has been ongoing since the day of the accident which was August 3rd. Nicholas was arrained and bond was set at $1,000. Nicholas has paid the bond and was released according to a press statement.

The statement did not give a trial date.