Worth Supervisors Review Drainage Projects

The Worth County Board of Supervisors met Monday and discussed general road maintenance with the county engineer and looked at drainage district issues. The supervisors also looked into work that is completed in Drainage District 11 Lat. 67-35 and held Completon Hearing.

The supervisors also looked at reports on the repairs to Drainage District 8 where work is ongoing and heard from engineers on the Drainage District 23 project to find out what work needed to be done.

Pending petitions were reviewed concerning the Drainage District 21-West Main project, the Drainage District 5 project, the Drainage District 46 Lat 7 project, and the Drainage District 18 issue.

A new petition from Drainage District 17 was also be discussed and what steps need to be taken to address the issue. An engineering report was called for.

The meeting concluded with a presentation from Teresa Nicholson of WINN-WORTH BETCO.