Historic Iowa Constitution Now Online

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and Interim State Librarian Barb Corson announced today the creation of a digitized replica of the Iowa Constitution. The digital version of the Iowa Constitution written in 1857 as well as a video from the digitization process can be viewed on the State Library of Iowa’s website at http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/services/collections/law-library/iacon.

“The Iowa Constitution is timeless and continues to have great importance as the framework of our state government. This project was important to make sure all Iowans are able to view this piece of history at any time,” Schultz said. “I hope reading the Iowa Constitution online will spark interest in our government for Iowans of all ages. Iowans are also always welcome to visit the Secretary of State’s office in the Capitol if they would like to see the original in person.”

Said Corson, “Providing permanent, online access to Iowa’s state publications is a mission of the State Library, and what more important state publication is there than the Constitution? Having a certified archivist and the proper equipment ensured that the Constitution would receive the correct care and treatment during the process.”

The digitization process was completed using an overhead scanner with a specialized bed to protect fragile documents and high-quality digital cameras for the best possible images.

The partnership between the Iowa Secretary of State’s office and the State Library of Iowa will help preserve the Iowa Constitution for generations to come. The Iowa Constitution is housed in the Iowa Secretary of State’s office located inside the Capitol Building, Room 105 in Des Moines.