Kanawha Hires Police Chief and Considers Burning Ban

In the city council meeting this week, the Kanawha City Council officially hired Tony Rasmussen to be the Chief of Police and began the process of hiring part time officers. Rasmussen will be paid $40,000 a year with benefits.

The council also approved a rate hike on both the water and sewer utilities and agreed to get an alarm for the lift system in the sewer when issues with the pumps arise. One such issue happened last weekend when two beach towels ended up in the lines causing strain on the pumps. The towels, presumably from the aquatic center, were removed lessening the load on the pumps.

The council ten wrangled with a burn ordinance brought about by councilmember Judy Banderploog. The ordinance called for the elimination of the yard waste burn windows in the spring and fall. The windows last for two weeks each season and some residents complained that the smoke infiltrated their homes and businesses.

A petition was circulated by residents to keep the burn windows and around 30 residents attended the meeting to support keeping the burns going. One such resident was Tom Grettilat:



The city council heard the people in the gallery and decided against the new ordinance because no other solutions such as hauling the yard waste away or compositing sites had been developed as an alternative.