Jim Mowrer Releases Second Ad, “Together”

Iraq Veteran, Former Senior Pentagon Official and Congressional candidate Jim Mowrer launched his second broadcast television ad, “Together”.


This will run on broadcast television in Des Moines and Sioux City and on cable throughout the district. This will run in addition to his first ad, “On an Iowa Farm”,which started running on August 1.


The ad speaks to Mowrer’s belief that congress needs people who are willing to work together.

“When I was serving in the Army, you didn’t worry if the man to your right was a Republican or a Democrat. You were there to do a job and you did it.” Mowrer said, “It seems that they have forgotten that simple lesson in Congress. It is time someone reminded them.”

Mower has built a strong network of grassroots volunteers and supporters, which has allowed him to build a significant cash on hand advantage over Congressman King.