Winnebago County Board to Discuss Projects

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will discuss and possibly take action on a tree in the right of way on 410th St. The tree is blocking the road and the county needs to remove it. The cost requires the county board to approve the removal of the tree. Then Scott Meinders, Winnebago County Engineer will discuss salaried positions and courthouse hours. Meinders wants clarification on the amount of hours that salaried positions can work and if the work day calls for extra hours to be put in, if the rest of the work week hours can be adjusted to reflect the required number of hours per week.

Teresa Nicholson, Winn-Worth Betco will discuss the state workforce recruitment effort. This effort is also being done in surrounding counties and involves training and certification for positions in the workplace.

Supervisors will then consider for approval, drainage levies for fiscal year 2014 as well as petitions and bills for Drainage District 65. Along those lines, they will consider for approval a Change Order from Holland Contracting for Drainage District 27-25 which is in coopration with Hancock County. Kris Wempen, Winnebago County Drainage Clerk will discuss using Bolton & Menk, Inc to determine any storm damages to drainage districts.

After an open forum, Scott Meinders will discuss secondary road matters and the Supervisors will consider  lowering 410th Street between 60th Avenue and 70th Avenue to a “Level of Service B.”

The Supervisors will meet Tuesday beginning at 9am in the Winnebago County Courthouse.