Sheltered Reality to perform in Klemme, August 10th

Organizers of contemporary church services in Klemme have announced that on Sunday, August 10th at 5:00pm in Klemme Central Park,  Sheltered Reality, the youth drum corps, will perform. The performance will be followed by a free will donation meal and social hour after the service.  Sheltered Reality’s choreographed drumming provides fun and invigorating entertainment which has proven to be enjoyable to audiences of all ages.


Pastor Mike Schaffer from the Klemme United Methodist Church says, “I’m really looking forward to this event because it will give community members a chance to connect with each other and enjoy watching the performance.”  Sheltered Reality (SR) employs the power of music to engage and motivate audiences to make positive changes both in themselves and the world in which they live.


The Sheltered Reality performance will also kick off monthly contemporary church services on Sunday evenings.  The contemporary church services are designed to welcome folks that feel like a traditional Sunday morning service isn’t the best fit for them.  The contemporary service worship team strives to incorporate skits, guest speakers, and modern Christian music into each service.


Team member Tammy Heginger says, “We work to create a service where people can feel close to God and be welcomed as friends.”


The Klemme contemporary church service worship team also announced that they are bringing Nola Waddingham and Paddy Druhl to the September 28th service to tell about their experience visiting villages and cities where Jesus and his disciples lived and taught.


For more information about the Sheltered Reality performance or the monthly contemporary church services on Sunday evenings in Klemme please contact the Klemme United Methodist Church at 641-587-2540 or email