Jerome Talks About Retirement With KIOW News

For 42 years he trolled the sidelines, coaching young women on the game of basketball. In those 42 years he has seen a lot of changes. From playing in Forest City’s downtown arena to playing in Hansen Fieldhouse. From football jerseys to the floor in Hansen Fieldhouse being named after him. Deny Jerome has done more for the women’s game at Waldorf than could ever be imagined when it first and rather hurriedly began.

Waldorf Basketball 3

Today, it is a very respected program and opponents know that they are in for a fight when they take on the Warrior women. Jerome has instilled a feel that every game can be won regardless of the opponent which in turn instills confidence in each of the Waldorf players both on and off the court. It shows not only in their level of play on the court, but also in their level of achievement in the classroom where the team was awarded a Scholar Team award as the collective team scored a 3.13 GPA.

KIOW Sports Director Karl Woolridge sat down with the decorated coach about his career and the progress that Waldorf Warrior women’s basketball has seen and the tradition it has become.